Saturday, April 18, 2015


The 119th running of the Boston Marathon is less than two days a way.

Most of us wish we were there, running the race with nearly 30,000 other runners, but all of us are cheering for friends or family members who are participating in the race on Monday.

We were so happy way back in the '80s, when we could actually stand in line, wrapped in our space blankets and take advantage of a free phone call to our family and friends to report our finish. (and, no, they were not rotary phones)

Early this week, friend, and 2016 Boston Marathon qualifier, Chris Zelonis, alerted me to a new Boston Marathon mobile App, available at the App Store

The App is free, and it's excellent.

One can follow the elite leaderboard, look up participants' times, find race results, and even learn about some of the rich history of the race.

So, while Monday may be just another day for most of your co-workers, you can secretly spend some time following the race on your Boston Marathon App.