Friday, April 3, 2015


Snow blanketed the ground on Tuesday, as March came in like a lion and, well, went out like a lion.

Wednesday remained cool, and then it happened. For the first time in over five months, the temperature topped the sixty-degree mark.

Today was downright balmy. There was humidity in the air.

Things just smelled like spring. A sleeveless compression shirt and a pair of shorts was the wardrobe, and it felt great to drip with sweat after turning in a hilly four-mile workout.

My dogs spent the day outside, I cleaned up some winter debris, and finally planted my spring onions.

Easter as well as Passover will be celebrated this weekend. Renewal, rebirth and resurrection will be the themes.

We will renew our training efforts after many dark months. Our fast workouts will be resurrected as our bodies will have more energy for running and less for fighting frigid temperatures and biting winds.

Enjoy the Easter and Passover holiday.

Spring has arrived.

It is a good time for all runners.