Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Veteran runners out there remember the days of cotton shirts. Every race offered one of these fashion dinosaurs, and most of us utilized them on our daily workouts. The result of our wardrobe selection often left us battered and bloody. At the end of the run, on a hot summer day, the cotton shirt weighed an extra five pounds, and, thanks to an unhealthy dose of chafing, a rivulet of blood often streamed from nipples rubbed raw.

The 21st century has sent most runners on a quest for better technology, in an effort to make our running more pleasant. In the chapter, 'Tech It Baby,' in my latest book, 'Personal Best,', I address some of our latest running technology, and how it has benefitted our training and racing.

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to try out a new product. It was 72 degrees here in Pennsylvania, and a sleeveless shirt was in order for a top garment.

I donned my new Khai shirt, from, and the result was simply amazing.

Like you, I've worn many moisture-wicking shirts, but this one was different. After my 5-mile run, it was actually still dry! Now, I produce a large amount of sweat when I run, therefore, I was amazed by how dry my Khai top remained.

So I did my research.

Khai apparel utilizes a mixture of polypropylene and polyester in order to channel the sweat from the inner to the outer layer. Most of the "big name" companies use a mixture of cotton and polyethylene. Cotton does not channel sweat as quickly as polypropylene. Also, the big companies spray their products with a chemical reagent in order to facilitate the wicking process. After several wash cycles, the wicking effect diminishes.

I tried an experiment. I poured some water on the inside of the shirt. It was sucked into the outer layer, and the inside remained dry.

My Khai shirt was extremely lightweight. Although I normally wear a size large, I ordered a medium, as they are cut fully.

This is a great product. In fact, it is the best moisture-wicking shirt I've ever worn. It is the perfect gift for the runner or workout enthusiast on your Holiday gift list.

Go to, and when you place your order, type in the code: runningjoe30, and you will receive a 30% discount on all AirLite products. Try one of the Khai products. You won't be disappointed.