Monday, October 20, 2014


As I approach another birthday (on October 28), I reflect on a long running journey that began in earnest in 1976, and continues to this day.

Please excuse the excessive use of the pronoun "I" in this blog.

I have logged enough miles in my running career to have run around the world more than four times. At last check the total was in the vicinity of 123,000 miles.

I've run 54 marathons, but I've never been one for completing a marathon simply to put another notch in my belt.48 of them have been under 3 hours, and 12 have been under 2:30. 16 of them have been the Boston Marathons; 4 have been New York City Marathons.

I witnessed the first running boom of the late '70s and early '80s, and the second running boom of today.

I've run a marathon with my daughter, Kelly, and several races with my wife, Christina. I've proudly watched my daughter, Megan win the 800-meter race to capture her league title.

I heard the blast that rocked the finish line at the 2013 Boston Marathon as I prepared to eat lunch after my race.

I've been privileged to coach a USCAA College All-American to a 7th place finish at Nationals, as well as two Pennsylvania state collegiate champs. I coached a young lady over the summer who recently won her high school league cross country championship as a freshman.

Through and my website, I have coached hundreds of runners from around the world.

My motivational speeches have ranged at race expos from Niagara Falls to Salt Lake City; from Minneapolis to Miami.

I published the book, "Running Shorts" in 2011. It was a chronicle of some of my running experiences. My latest book, "Personal Best," is about you, and for you. It is somewhat of a running self-help book, whether you are trying to get off the couch and run that first 5K, or whether you want to use my "Super Sevens" to dip under the 3-hour marathon mark for the marathon,

In addition, I feature three runners in Personal Best who will inspire you not only to achieve a personal best in races, but in life as well.

So, I may be entering the fourth quarter, but I still need to pass on what has worked for me to you.

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achieve your personal best.