Saturday, March 2, 2013


A few weeks ago I posted a rant from a person who called in to our local newspaper's "Thunder/Enlightning" opinion column. It seems as though the person resented the fact that 'joggers' dare to infringe on the driver's God-given right to own the entire road.

Well, they're at it again!

The following is yet another opinion in the same column, published in our local newspaper, Pottsville (PA) Republican Herald, on Thursday, February 28.

"I'm required by law to have a driver's license, insurance and inspection for my vehicle so I can drive on the streets. Why are joggers in a special category and not have proper credentials to jog on the streets?"

Here is the Commentator's response.

"Get real. Get a life and start exercising your body instead of just your jaws. You are operating something that can kill people, cause thousands in damages, uses thousands in energy, costs thousands in insurance, yet you want to badger me for running in the street where I use none of the above."

Congratulations to the Commentator for a terrific retort to this moron.

I strongly doubt that the person who called in with this inane opinion is reading this, but I hope he or she will be reading when I devote my monthly running column in the Republican Herald newspaper to this topic next week.

Like many of you, I have been chased, run off the road, grazed by rear view mirrors, had insults about my manhood hurled at me, as well as bags of trash and soda bottles. I've been heckled by trash collecters, heard the "Hut-two-three-four," as well as "Run Forrest Run" lines. My friend, Brian Tonitis, and I nearly met our demise at the hands of a group of redneck drunks on a ten-mile training run. In fact, that is the opening story of my book, "Running Shorts."

Our "credentials" are more valid than any "credential" possessed by anyone. We like to get outside, in most any weather condition, put one foot in front of the other, and take control of our lives. We are in it for our health, and for our healthy goals. We don't care if we are alone or with thousands of like-minded individuals. Unless specifically prohibited, we have the same right to be on the road as the obese, burger-guzzling, Big Gulp swilling ex-athlete does. We are not bothering anyone and we are not judging anyone. If you must apply the breaks or stay within the speed limit as you pass us, too bad.

Oh, and by the way, don't talk about "credentials" because you think you are still the same athlete you were in high school, but now when you look down you can't see your feet. That's not our fault, so don't be jealous of us. Also, don't freak out because we are talking to each other, laughing and joking while we're moving faster than you can ever hope to move.

And get over the fact that us guys CAN go shirtless, and yes we CAN wear tights. And when you see women out there running wearing little clothing, I can assure you they are clad in a manner that keeps them comfortable, NOT for your leering pleasure.

So, there you go. I have covered only a few of our "credentials." All the haters can feel good in knowing that millions of us will be out there on the roads of America and the world tomorrow, and we will be proudly wearing our "credentials."