Sunday, March 3, 2013

LED Armbands...Cuz they really DO hate us!

Yesterday's blog, featuring the inane driver who called my local newspaper to recommend that runners, like drivers, should produce, "credentials," was my most-read blog to date. Thank you all for reading it.

In the blog, I opined about some of the reasons many motorists still can't accept the fact that there are millions of us out there on the roads, and our ranks are growing. In my book, "Running Shorts,", I devote a chapter to the topic, entitled, "Why Do They Hate Us So Much?"

Granted, most motorists are cautious and courteous, but, let's face it, it only takes one negligent or road-rage filled driver to possibly end our running career, or much, much worse.

These days I try my best to complete my training runs in total daylight, but, two weeks ago, on a cold, windy Saturday, I procrastinated for the entire day and didn't get out the door until 5:45 p.m.. Needless to say, most of my 7-miler was conducted in darkness.

Although my running vest is designed to include several reflective strips, several close encounters with motor vehicles convinces me to ensure my safety with additional protection.

I conducted extensive research and found a velcro-adjustable, lightweight LED armband, which I found to be be fashionable as well as functional. There are three modes: Quickflash/Slowflash/Continuous. It comes with a lithium battery, about the size of a dime. I used these batteries for my dog's collar, and I would buy them at the Dollar Store.

Check out the pictures below. Go to my site:, and you'll find these LED armbands on sale for $7.99, and we'll pay the postage.

Stay safe out there, because, they really DO hate us!