Monday, August 10, 2015


It's the question every runner asks of one's self.

How do I become faster?

There are many different theories out there, but the one I've practiced seems to work.

It's my "Super Sevens" program.

It has worked for me, and it can work for any level. Simply apply me "Sevens" principle to your proposed pace, and you WILL race faster.

Following is an excerpt from my latest book, Personal Best., the chapter entitled, 'Super Sevens.'

If you read the entire chapter, and for that matter, the entire book, the concrete training advice WILL guide you to your personal best times at every distance.

 'Quite simply, to race in the sixes, you should be training in the sevens, so ‘Muldowney’s Super Sevens’ is a sound, race-tested method of training.

 Super Sevens have enabled me to run a 2:58 marathon, at Philadelphia, as a 57-year old, and a 1:28 half marathon, at the Louisiana Marathon, at the ripe (or rotten) old age of 59.

 The core principle of Super Sevens is quite elementary. Train seven days a week, and keep all of your training miles in the sevens, or better. With minimal exceptions to the rule, if you are not going to run in the sevens on a given day, then don’t run. Your miles are “empty,” and you are doing yourself little good. Rather, take the day off. Rest, relax, and turn in a better workout tomorrow.

Let’s say for your sevens, you have selected a 7:30 training pace, meaning your workout is going to average 7 minutes, 30 seconds a mile. For your 7-mile run, you should run a time of 52:30.
If you are tired, sluggish, or weary from a race the previous day, take the day off, and run that 52:30, on fresh legs, the next day. Feeling guilty about that day off? Work on some upper body weightlifting instead. You’ll be resting everything from the waist down, while strengthening muscles that don’t see a lot of work on our daily runs.

You’ve raced on Saturday. It was a good one. You smashed the 20-minute mark, averaging under a 6:30 pace for a 5K. Obviously, your training methods are sound. Now it’s time to try Muldowney Super Sevens and watch your times plummet'

Now, this is just a tease.

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