Thursday, August 13, 2015


My hometown of Pottsville, Pennsylvania was once the hub of Pennsylvania's anthracite coal region, lying at the southern tip of the world's largest vein of anthracite coal, which was once the most popular fuel for heating homes and businesses. At one time, over 30,000 people lived in Pottsville.

Thanks to the emergence of oil after World War II, the bottom dropped out of the coal industry, and today my hometown boasts less than 15,000 residents, and there is little industry remaining. We are quite proud of being the hometown of Yuengling beer, America's oldest brewery.

A couple of months ago a running partner asked me if I knew how the race in Pottsville on May 18 fared out.

I replied, "What race?"

A race in my small hometown, and I didn't know about it?

It happens all the time these days. There are so many races out there that, often, avid runners don't know about them.

Sometimes, well-meaning folks create a race for a charity or an organization and they just don't know how to get the word out to potential participants.

Well, let's end that now!

I've been working on my website, and I've made some changes.

We now feature an 'Events/Runs' tab.

Simply get in touch with me here, through the website, or at my personal email:, and provide me with the pertinent details of your race, along with a link, and I'll place the event on the list for free.

When you get to my website,, if you look to the left, I have an ad for Fiverr. If you wish, you can purchase a gig, in which I will give additional publicity to your event at a ridiculously low price.

It doesn't matter if your race is big or small, or where your race is, anywhere around the globe, as this blog has worldwide coverage. If you have a race, and you give me the details, I'll put it on the list.

I'm tired of being in the dark about races, and dammit, I'm gonna do something about it!

So, feel free to keep me busy. You send it, I'll post it.

Happy racing to all.