Thursday, July 23, 2015


Summer is a great time of year, and we're right in the middle of it.

Temperatures have been high, and the humidity has been drenching. Great beach weather, but not so great for running.

Perhaps you're getting out there for your daily run and you are frustrated. Your scheduled 10-mile training run has been reduced to a 7-miler.

On your routine daily workout, you glance at your sweat-soaked watch in frustration and you can't believe how slow you've become.

Not to worry.

It's time for a vacation.

Here's the deal.

You're not going to run your best races in sweltering summer heat, so chill out and scale back your training.

Recognize, that for a few weeks in the summer, your distances may decrease and your times may be slower.

On days when the conditions are 90 by 90, relax with easy miles.

Then, when Mother Nature offers you a break, seize the opportunity.

For example.

On Monday, conditions were brutal. The temperature hit 90 and the dew point was in the 70s. I struggled through a 5-miler. Pools of sweat formed at my sides when I finished.

Yesterday, after a cold front passed through, the temperature dropped to 80 degrees, with a crisp humidity of only 35%. I ran the same course 2 and 1/2 minutes faster than I did on Monday and I felt great.

So the word for summer running is: Maintain!

Try not to lose your fitness level. Do not be afraid to give yourself a short running vacation. Your body will appreciate the rest, and some of those nicks might be given an opportunity to heal.

Soon, ideal fall conditions will begin and you will be able to return to intense training, refreshed from your summer vacation.

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