Friday, April 11, 2014


It's hard to keep up with all the methods of communication these days. It's even harder to keep track of all the passwords!

Since I published my book, and with the subsequent speaking engagements around the country and in Canada, I have  met many runners, and have tried to dispense my advice (for what it's worth), through this blog as well as through social media.

So, following is a list of sites, and places in cyberspace, where I can be found.

My website is:

Training programs can be arranged at:, and look for Running Shorts.

My Facebook page is: Running Shorts

Twitter: rdrunnr00

Of course, the blog is:, but you know that or you wouldn't be here.

On Saturday, May 3, I will be delivering a seminar at the Pittsburgh Marathon. Hope to see you there.

If not, I'll see you in cyberspace!