Thursday, April 3, 2014


As a runner, it is always satisfying to receive tangible recognition of your accomplishment, as many hours of hard work have gone into earning your award.

Often, when I earn a medal in an event, I hang it over the bedpost, or on the edge of a large glass case in which I have placed other medals.

Recently, I have discovered a great, new product, which I believe, is a must for every runner. In fact, considering the active nature of many of our families, this product provides a way to memorialize achievements in all of our family's endeavors, by providing a tasteful, inexpensive way to display our medals.

Medal Blocks,, are truly impressive. They are made from durable, clear acrylic, and are attractive to look at. They are easy to assemble and look great on a desk or on the mantle.

It sure beats stuffing your medals in a shoebox, or hanging them from the mirror.

The Medal Block display is so sleek and well-designed, is seems to fade, allowing the medal to stand out on its own.

Whether you want to exhibit a memorial of that first completed race, or celebrate that long-coveted age-group victory, Medal Blocks offer the perfect way of displaying your hard-earned award.

The owner of the company, Patrick Dolan, is a runner himself. He created the product as a practical, inexpensive way to display his own medals.

So check out Medal Blocks, at:

I did, and now my 2010 Boston Marathon medal adorns my trophy room.