Saturday, February 15, 2014


Today, I reached the nadir (haven't used that word in a while) of this dreadful winter. On November 7, my first snow encounter occurred in Syracuse, NY, where my PSU runner, Haylee Burnhauser was forced to run on a layer of snow at USCAA Nationals. Snow is a given in Syracuse, but the relentless assault of snow, wind and sub-zero temps these past couple of months here in Pennsylvania has been dreadful.

 My back is screaming from hurling what seemed like tons of snow. Last night's 4 inch snowfall topped us of with about three feet in my back yard. My dogs are frustrated, as their bathroom spots are buried. When my snowplow broke down this morning, I javelin-tossed my snow shovel.

 Running outside is awful, and on today's 4-miler, I hated every step. Snow, slush, idiotic drivers, and hidden icy patches made for a delightful run...if one is a polar bear!

 I've already painted my living room, but I've imposed a personal ban on snow shoveling and plowing. I'm going to Amazon to order a straight jacket.

 A low temperature of 2 degrees is predicted for tomorrow night, and there's 30% chance of snow on Monday night. I'm no meteorologist, but I'm 100% sure this winter really sucks!