Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Can't wait to board the plane early Friday morning for a trip to the Miami Marathon weekend. Yes, it's going to be REALLY difficult leaving sub-zero wind chills for predicted temperatures in the mid to high 70s!

Friday and Saturday I'll be signing books at the Expo. I will be sharing a booth with John Switzer, who will be launching his fabulous Run and Sea Caribbean running cruise from Miami in December.

My wife will run the 5K on Saturday, and I will conduct a seminar at the Expo, entitled, "Advice for running into your 60s." I thoroughly enjoy conducting seminars, meeting, and answering questions from the runners.

In the late 80' and early 90s, Randy Haas and I took annual running excursions to the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. We were fortunate enough to win a few races in the area. Back in 1991, I was able to earn a victory at the 1991 Miami Half Marathon.

Looking forward to some South Florida running over the weekend.