Wednesday, August 1, 2018


During my forty years of competitive running I always contended that socks were the second most important piece of equipment, following closely behind a good pair of running shoes.

Bad socks can make a workout very uncomfortable, and they can absolutely ruin a race. Many a runner has suffered a race collapse thanks to a blister that formed due to a cheap pair of socks.

A good pair of socks should be lightweight, cushioned, and most importantly, dry. Socks that retain moisture can be at best uncomfortable, and at worst can cause blisters, and even frostbite during winter months.

A few weeks ago, I tried Iyzer socks.

Without a doubt, these are the best workout socks I have ever worn.

 Iyzer Competitive running socks feature CoolMax technology and super thin breathable mesh, a moisture wicking toe guard, with extra cushioning at the ball of the foot, and compression in the arch that serves as a natural orthotic.

These days I'm doing quite a bit of cross training, and on a bike ride through the mountain last week, I drove through a massive mud puddle. My Izyer socks dried in a matter of minutes, leaving my feet comfortable for the remainder of the ride.

For running, walking, competition, or even if you are on your feet all day, you will find Iyzer socks to be a sound investment for your feet.

Go to, and check out their special offers on these incredible socks.


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