Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Running is a tough sport.

Every time we lace up our shoes and hit the roads, we encounter external obstacles like hills, extreme weather conditions, motorized vehicles, and unfriendly creatures.

So before we begin our daily workout, we need to prepare our bodies for the road ahead.

Blisters, chafing, pain, and skin inflammation are problems encountered by every runner. Any one of these issues can often negatively impact our workout or race, and sometimes sideline us if the problems persist.

I am constantly searching for products that will make my running life more pleasant.

Of course the products must work, they must be reasonably priced, and the company must be customer-friendly.

Medzone, www.medzonecorp.com, began in 2001, by designing its products based on requests from medical professionals, athletes and in 2002, U.S. Military Special Forces. Over the years their products have been adapted to work for athletes, law enforcement, military and for certain healthcare needs.

ChafeZone®, BurnZone® and PainZone® BlisterZone have proven to help triathletes, cyclists, team sports, dancers, rodeo, hiking, swimming, hockey, basketball, baseball, football, BMX riders, motorcycle riders, industrial athletes, people who suffer from Chub Rub and with any other high intensity activities. Whether you chafe, sunburn, windburn, blister, ache or have arthritis one of Medzone's products can help you.

Over the past few days the temperatures and the humidity have been unbearable. Chafing in one of those high friction areas can be extremely painful and very common on these hot days. Rub some of Medzone's ChafeZone on those problem spots and you will glide through your workout.

BlisterZone will do for your feet what ChafeZone does for other abrasive areas. Blisters can slow you to a stop. They can ruin a race and they can become infected. BlisterZone is an excellent product for your feet.

Mosquito bites and sunburn are relieved by using BurnZone. BurnZone incorporates a natural, local anesthetic in addition to 1% Lidocaine for maximum pain relief. A proprietary blend of essential fatty acids takes the sting and burn out of blisters and minor burns, relieves insect bite itching, and calms skin irritations.

Finally, PainZone addresses muscle, joint and tendon pain with a no-mess, roll-on applicator. PainZone boasts a concentrated no-water formula with the FDA-required 3 anti-inflammatory agents plus two additional anti-inflammatory ingredients to banish your pain. It uses blend of essential fatty acids transports the active ingredients deep into the tissues for long lasting pain relief.

Arm yourself with any or all of these Medzone products, and your running, walking, cycling, and other athletic activities will be much more pleasant and pain-free.


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