Friday, March 4, 2016


In a little over two weeks, we will "spring forward," as in most parts of the United States, we will set our clocks an hour ahead as we move into Daylight Savings Time.

About a week later, Winter will officially end, and our long period of darkness will lie behind us.

For many, these milestone dates will mean more time to train at the end of the day as well as more pleasant training conditions.

To be sure, this winter, for most of us, has been a mild one, with a single major snowstorm here on the east coast, and few bitter cold days.

Enjoy the spring, as it is a great time to train and race. Spring marathons will abound, and shorter races will bloom like spring crocuses. Hopefully, your winter training will propel you to many spring successes.

Remember to get to the nearest track to run your speed workouts, but also travel to your local track to support the young high school men and women who are competing in track and field. They often do not receive the adulation often afforded to the "high profile" sports, but, as we know, they work just as hard. Cheer them on. They will appreciate it.

The darkness will subside soon.

Let's all take advantage of, and enjoy the light.

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