Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lock 'em Up With LaceLocker®

Last Friday I was slogging my way through a 5-mile training run on a hot, humid afternoon when I glanced down to see my right shoelace flapping about, just waiting to entangle itself with my other shoe and drop me to the concrete.

During a training run, but especially during a race, the very last thing a runner needs is for a shoelace to come untied. And did you ever notice that, no matter how well you seem to knot it, the lace seems to have a mind of its own and can figure a way to escape from the tightest of knots?

On Monday, I received a terrific new product. I quickly and simply installed it to my shoes and now my shoelace problem has been solved.

The product is LaceLocker®,, and its slogan is, appropriately, "Never Loose Again."

I was able to install the LaceLocker® in seconds, and I liked the fact that I never have to double or triple my laces again You'll like the simplicity of LaceLocker®, as well as the safety it offers.

LaceLocker® is perfect for runners, but can be used for walking and other sports as well. If you wear a laced shoe, LaceLocker® is for you.

LaceLocker® comes in an array of styles and colors: black, silver, hot pink, neon green, and white ladybug graphic. The LaceLocker can be customized or branded for almost any organization, school, race, or other fund-raising event.

There's more. LaceLocker® is 100% Made in the USA, and is reasonably priced.

 I would highly recommend this great product for any runner.

Visit them at:

Their Twitter handles are @lacelocker and @stashsports.

 They are Stash Sports on Facebook and TheLaceLocker on Instagram. For more background about The LaceLocker and inventor Carol Stanley please see this newspaper story:

Try LaceLocker®. You won't be disappointed.