Sunday, May 12, 2013


Please don't think I'm repeating myself, but for your amusement, I feel compelled to share another installment of 'Thunder/Enlightning' with you.
This is a daily feature of our local newspaper, The Republican Herald, in which people call in, anonymously of course, and offer their opinions on a wide range of topics. Lately, runners, or "joggers," (can you believe people still use that term?) seem be a hot topic.

Here is yesterday's letter from a local Mensa member.

 "Sometimes I think you are an idiot (referring to the commentator) because joggers are a hazard. Joggers do not belong on the road. They do not purchase a license to jog on the roads. The Mar Lin road is not a place for joggers. There is no place for them to go around a turn, no matter how careful the driver is. They seem to think they own the road. There are jogging paths. There are sidewalks. Please utilize them. You must be a jogger, one of the defiant ones."

Commentator's Response: Joggers, bicyclists, roller bladers, or just plain walkers, are not a hazard, and have all the rights you have and more. They follow the rules of the road just as you hopefully do, except they're in much better shape.

Thanks to the commentator for the excellent response.
Before the haters began to memorialize their disdain for us in print, I addressed the feelings of the non-running public towards us in Mile (Chapter) 13, of my book, "Running Shorts," The chapter is entitled, "Why Do They Hate Us So Much?"
Here's an excerpt.
"They hate us out of jealousy. They hate us because they may see something in us they may want to be or something they once were. They hate us because, by our visibility, we threaten them. They hate us because we are able to manage our time, doing all the things they do and more. They hate us because, every day, in their faces, they see men and women of all ages, many who don't necessarily "look" like runners, on the road, in all types of weather, enjoying themselves, and staying fit. They hate us because we are somewhat obsessive-compulsive. We enjoy competition, even if the competition is us; running farther, faster, beating last year's mileage and times."
Buy my book this month and I'll give you a small women's T-shirt, with the slogan, "Each Day is My

Personal Best," absolutely free.
I hope you'll buy my book. I guarantee you'll enjoy it. The stories will make you laugh. The advice will make you a better runner.

In the meantime, however, go out and purchase your "jogging license," and be careful, because, they really DO hate us!